What drives our work

 Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy. Researchers found that the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions and heightens feelings of life satisfaction. Flowers indeed are a natural and healthy moderator of moods.

 We are passionate about combining each beautiful flower stalk into a charming bouquet which will bring you and your beloved ones unforgettable happy moments.

In each floral gift you order, we wrap your thoughts and tie it with love. We help express your appreciation to your guests through thoughtful and detailed decorations for events; make your dream wedding come true; bring more happiness and smiles to life; and brighten 365 days of the year.

QA Pham

Founder of Padma de Fleur

Meet the team

Our space

Once, a customer asked us, why create a space ‘like this’?

What is ‘like this’?

It started with our very simple desire to have an inspiring workplace where we all feel eager to go every morning. A space we live in and work 24 hours a day but do not feel like we are really working. A space where you walk in and immediately feel like visiting a relative’s home. A space that provides relaxation and inspiration for us.

We also want other flower lovers to have a place where you leave behind your worries and get lost in a fantasy world.

In short, Padma de Fleur is a space to set your emotions free