Phuong Anh
06 Apr 2016

Phuong Anh

Junior Flower Designer,

Born into a family where her mother’s side are all painters and architects probably explains why she has art in her blood. Having first chosen to study foreign trade, Phuong Anh always dreamed that someday she would become a florist.

One day she read an article about Padma de Fleur in Barcode magazine. Photos of the boutique were as if from her dream. We met and had a ‘crush’ on each other right from the first moment. Phuong Anh did not hesitate to jump straight into the love affair of trimming, cutting, and cleaning fragile flowers one by one.

This love has grown over the last two years. At the moment, Phuong Anh is further enriching her knowledge to become a professional flower designer with Padma de Fleur. She is a muse and an entertainer of the whole family.



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