Nhat Nguyen
14 Jan 2016

Nhat Nguyen

Floral Designer,

As a child, Nhat went to Church with his mum every Sunday. The only thing there that excited him was watching the nuns arranging flowers. That was when Nhat realised his love for flowers.

Giving up his study in Finance, Nhat followed his dream of becoming a floral designer. After 4 years with Padma de Fleur, he knows for sure that he is on the right path. Nhat is determined to develop this career no matter how challenging it may be.

Nhat has proven his talent in design by achieving the Advanced Floral Design Certificate from the American Flower Design Institute. He is the first and only one so far to gain this degree in Vietnam.

For him, a beautiful bouquet is not perfect if it doesn’t suit the occasion and the recipient’s personality. Despite usually having limited time to prepare an order, Nhat always carefully learns about the customer first.

When being asked why do you love flowers, Nhat simply smiles and says ‘love does not need a reason’.


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