Huyen Nguyen
29 May 2017

Huyen Nguyen

Content Maker,

From grade 7, Huyen discovered her love for writing when working as a freelance writer for Muc Tim. However, she still tried studying something unrelated and doing different jobs to further define her true passion in ‘storytelling’. She likes to listen to and observe people to grasp the most interesting story about them before starting to write it down.

Coming to Padma de Fleur by chance, she was impressed with the beautiful small details of our cool water glasses and agreed to work for us as a content manager. Starting by photographing and writing about Padma de Fleur’s flowers, the more she works with us, the more she enjoys it and is inspired to develop more exciting and different content formats. Huyen’s first video to introduce our space was warmly received. Her goal for this year is to make more videos for Padma.


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